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It is rare that people truly understand how to properly plan their financial future. As a result of being misinformed (or even worse, not acting early enough), families will sorely miss out on financial freedom in their later years.

Most of what we’ve been told about retirement planning is backwards. In fact, 401(k)’s and IRAs were never designed to produce retirement income, but both the financial world and public at large has had to settle for it because there are few other options for the specific purpose of retirement income. Luckily, though, there is now a system by which you can safely compound your money in the most optimal way to get up to 4X the retirement income compared to 401ks, IRAs, and real estate investing. Yes, this is indeed possible, and this is not an exaggerated projection either. Nor is it a “get rich quick” scheme. It’s all about understanding the math behind true compound interest, and the math never lies.

This system is called Maximum Premium Indexing, or MPI(TM), an innovative, secure compound method that is backed by a multi-billion dollar, A+ rated financial company. If you have the discipline to be consistent and stay committed for the long haul, your money will grow exponentially over your life, and it will create a level of opportunity and financial security for you and your family that you wouldn’t have even thought possible.


MPI has been in development for over six years and has gone through a scrupulous validation process to address concerns of lawyers, actuaries, compliance, IRS regulations, and financial advisors, while also gaining the approval and backing by one of the biggest and most trusted insurance companies in the world (Mutual of Omaha).

Over thousands of illustrations done on the history of the S&P 500 index, MPI has been shown to outperform the retirement income results of 401(k)s and IRAs every single time.

*Bonus note: The architect of MPI, Curtis Ray, has made it to the Forbes Financial Council in 2020, and is a regular contributor to the magazine.

A new regulation in 2017 amongst insurance companies has allowed for the possibility to create a positive net spread when you borrow against your money in your cash value life insurance policy. MPI is the first and only system that allows you to take advantage of this feature to further accelerate the compounding rate of your retirement account.

Suncor Financial, with their team of financial experts, will be the ones to manage your account, while I and Suncor Financial will be responsible for maintaining communication with you, at least once a year, to inform you of the state of your account and to determine the funding/leveraging strategy in order to best fit your particular situation.

While the insurance industry has a well-deserved black eye, it does turn out in our depth of research and experimentation between Michigan Life Solutions and Suncor Financial that cash-value life insurance, specifically an IUL, is in fact the most properly structured vehicle to provide both the security of your money and the potential for compound growth. MPI takes this life insurance chassis and supercharges it with the MPI Secure Leverage feature, which is what makes it the premier system for long-term retirement planning.

MPI is based on the strategy of a max-funded, option B Indexed-universal life insurance policy. Indexed-universal life, or IUL, guarantees a 0% floor on your cash (meaning you will never incur losses), while your gains are based off a one year, S&P 500 call option strategy. This allows you the potential to make solid gains in bull market years while never putting your money at downside risk unlike a traditional investment account. This provides the basis for both the security and potential for strong growth needed to create the purest wealth-compounding effect possible. Option B, as opposed to option A, cuts the expenses related to your insurance policy by up to two-thirds. Max-funded means that you are able to take as much advantage of the investment aspect of your IUL account before the IRS steps in and revokes your tax privileges.

MPI uses this very specifically-designed life insurance policy, and augments it with the exclusive MPI Secure Leverage feature, accelerating the rate of growth using the MPI Match to produce the purest compound account available in the market today.

There are plenty of people who talk bad about life insurance, and frankly, a lot of it is well-warranted. This is because the way traditional cash-value life insurance policies are sold do a terrible financial disservice to the client. This is usually because either the agent doesn’t know any better, or that they are actively putting the client in a financially-compromising position in order to pocket their highest commission.

This is usually the depth at which most financial “gurus” understand the life insurance industry. There is also a camp of financial advisors/life insurance agents who subscribe to the system termed Bank On Yourself/Be Your Own Banker, which utilizes a lower-cost, participating Whole Life policy. Both of these groups, frankly, are wrong. Both are misinformed, and have not actually done the math to see what actually works best. But with MPI, we have math, information, and experimentation on our side. MPI has been illustrated, with a 100% success rate, to produce much more retirement income, up to 4 times more, than any other psuedo-retirement plan that financial advisors will try to sell you on.

While MPI mostly has overwhelmingly positive advantages, it’s always worth pointing out its drawbacks (since nothing is perfect):

1. MPI takes time to mature
2. There are early cancellation penalties to account for expenses
3. No home runs: MPI accounts don’t earn anything above the current designated cap rate
4. Not everyone qualifies: Life insurance contracts require you to hold up to certain health standards
5. Commitment to compounding: MPI is not a “get rich quick” system; it is slow, steady, and secure. Therefore, MPI works best when you adhere to the discipline of avoiding compromising your account as much as possible, and of only taking money out of it when you absolutely need to do so.

MPI provides tax-free retirement income through its policy loan feature, and provides a tax-free death benefit to the account’s beneficiaries when the account holder passes away.

We can design an MPI plan for most anybody! We have almost a dozen templates by which we match our clients up with, so contact us today to see what MPI would look like for you.

Yes! MPI is the greatest financial gift you can give to your children, dramatically out-performing traditional 529 and other college savings plans.

MPI has the lowest long-term expenses out of any other retirement plan, mutual fund or even a passively-managed index fund.

To learn more about MPI, click the button below to schedule a free one-one-one consultation so that we can answer questions for you and compare plans. You can also call, text, or email me if you prefer to contact me that way. Same goes for applying for MPI- set up an appointment with we so we can go over your MPI financial plan and fill out an application. The full process takes between 4-6 weeks and will require you to do a paramedical exam.

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