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What is S.E.L.F?

For the People...

The Social Equity Loan Fund is an organization comprised of experienced industry professionals who are committed to ensuring that the social equity cannabis program in Arizona remains in the hands of true social equity qualifiers and out of the hands of predatory investors.

In order to be successful in the cannabis industry, you need training, professional expertise and access to capital. The fund offers ongoing training, an advisory board to guide you through the process, and low interest loans up to $1,000,000 to help you launch your business. No credit checks. No personal guarantees.

In exchange for access the fund, you agree to give 5% equity to the fund. Additionally, you commit to donating 5% of your gross revenues to non profit organizations that service people from disproportionately impacted areas. After these commitments, you would retain 95% ownership and 90% of your revenues.

Need money immediately? No worries. The fund allows you to take out cash while you launch your business.

Want to sell? No worries. S.E.L.F will connect you with qualified buying groups who have a social equity qualifier so that the integrity of the program can be preserved!

Already sign an agreement you think could be unfair to you and your family? Again, no worries! Let an Advisory Board attorney review it and explore your options. Don’t get stuck with a predatory agreement!

S.E.L.F is here to provide you with everything you need to become a successful cannapreneur… without gouging you or requiring you to sell your soul!

Funds can be used for any legitimate business purpose necessary to launch your cannabis operation. Disbursements will be made weekly Additionally, as a license holder, you can receive an upfront cash infusion to keep you afloat as you start the journey. In addition, you will receive a weekly stipend to cover your monthly expenses until you are actually open.

The S.E.L.F provides loan recipients with access to some of the most experienced professionals in the industry. The decades of collective industry expertise will prove invaluable in launching your business and will cover every aspect of running a successful cannabis business operation.

Ownership of a cannabis license can be a life changing event for you and your family. At the same time, in order to move forward, you must address past obligations you may have incurred. The fund administrator will assist you by connecting you with legal counsel that specializes in obligations such as criminal fines, restitution, foreclosures, child support, credit issues, etc.

Let’s put your past behind you. Time to move forward!

Absolutely! While you are launching your business, there will be intensive training covering all areas, including compliance, recordkeeping, security, marketing, community engagement, etc. You will also be assisted with drafting your business plan and pitch deck to take your business to the next level. You can even pitch your business expansion to the wealthy individuals who took a leap of faith in you and supported the fund.

The objective of the S.E.L.F is to have you fully trained on everything you need to launch a successful, socially conscious cannabis business. This is YOUR business. Don’t let anyone steal your dreams or devalue your worth!

By the People...

S.E.L.F is seeking to connect with socially conscious, high net worth individuals interested in participating in the Arizona social equity legal cannabis industry. You can do well by doing good for a fraction of the cost of acquiring a license!

Social equity licenseholders – with your help – have a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a difference in their lives, their family’s lives and the lives of people from their (our) communities who have been disproportionately impacted by the war on drugs.

The S.E.L.F – Social Equity Loan Fund is seeking to secure an infusion of $1M dollars, in addition to a commitment of $26M dollars to support the fund The fund will then be in a position to potentially service the 26 social equity cannabis license holders in Arizona. While the fund doesn’t expect all license holders to enroll in the program, the commitments would enable it to be prepared to service the license holders as the need arises.

Up to $1M loans will be disbursed to each license holder who enrolls in the program. An additional $1M will be held in reserves to cover administrative expenses and any potential overruns.

Fund participation requires a minimum commitment of $250,000 per individual investor. In order to enroll in the fund, 10% of each $250,000 commitment ($25,000) is required to be deposited in the general S.E.L.F account upon execution of the Fund Commitment Letter. The monies will be used to cover the fund’s administrative costs and potential project overruns.

Once a license holder is accepted into the S.E.L.F program and a start-up budget is developed, the fund administrator will notify the next investor. The administrator will provide wiring instructions for the balance of the financial commitment. Investors will be selected based upon the date they joined the program, executed the Fund Commitment Letter and wired their 10%.

An accounting of all administrative expenses, in addition to the monthly disbursements made on behalf of the license holders, will be released by the 15th day of the following month.

Loan terms are low interest (5-6%) loans payable over 36 months, commencing 1 year after the dispensary opens.

Although the loans do not require a credit check or personal guarantees, an individual designated by the advisory board, will be named a board member of the licensed entity.

In addition to the repayment of the principal and annual interest payment, investors will collectively receive 4% equity in each of the multi-million dollar legal cannabis enterprises. The S.E.L.F will receive 1% in each of the entities, for a total of a 5% equity share.

Licenseholders will be required to commit 5% of their gross revenues to non-profit organizations that service people from disproportionately impacted areas. The licenseholder can designate their preferred charities. The advisory board intends to work directly with the Urban League of Greater Phoenix to oversee the charitable contributions.

An Advisory Board of highly qualified industry professionals will oversee the program in an advisory capacity. It is expected that the board will meet monthly, either in-person or electronically. Investors will be invited to networking events with the license holders and the advisory board to ensure open channels of communication.

The Advisory Board will dictate regulations and policies to ensure compliance with state law while servicing the ongoing needs of the license holders. The direct contact for the license holders and investors will be the full-time administrator, who will be responsible for weekly payouts as well as regular reporting to the board and investors.

A full-time experienced Administrator will be responsible for the weekly disbursements to the loan recipients. The Administrator will report to the Advisory Board of highly qualified industry professionals who will have veto authority over any unauthorized disbursement. Fund investors will receive monthly progess reports and an accounting of all disbursements.

Once repayments commence, principal repayment as well as the return on investment will be issued quarterly.

Do Well by Doing Good! Let’s Come Together as a Community. We can Each Take Care of Our S.E.L.F!

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